Zimbabwe Covid 19 Vaccine Tracker

39,607 total doses given

57 doses administered on

-1833 change from .

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Stages

According to Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment and Rollout Plan, they vaccine will be rolled out in 3 stages.

We care currently in Stage 1, Phase 1.

Stage 1: High Risk Populations

Phase 1: Frontline Workers

These include:

  • health workers,
  • customs and immigration officials,
  • ZIMRA’s port of entry personnel,
  • funeral parlour workers,
  • security personnel and
  • village health workers.

Phase 2: Vulnerable Populations

These include:

  • people with chronic illnesses,
  • the elderly aged 60 and above,
  • inmates and prison populations and
  • people in confined settlements, including refugee camps.

Stage 2

  • Education personel including teachers, lecturers and staff and
  • other staff at medium risk depending with epidemiological picture of the disease.

Stage 3

Everyone at low risk until the population is covered.

COVID-19 Vaccine In Zimbabwe FAQs [PDF: 456KB]. Published